Jun 16, 2009 Aerospace & Defense

Virtually Yours...

By Mike Deliman

morning we've made a couple of announcements that will hopefully
surprise and delight the Real Time computing community.  Wind River is
releasing two new products that have their base in  virtualization:
Wind River's Hypervisor, and Wind River's MILS 2.0.
Both of these products introduce platform virtualization, used in
different ways.   Wind River's implementations allow for a "flotilla"
of OS's" to be run amongst a "sea of Cores" – it can be run as a
one-to-many, many-to-many, or many-to one configuration (that is with
SMP, one OS can be run by many cores, the Hypervisor is capable of
running / scheduling many OS's among many cores, and both the
Hypervisor and MILS 2.0 are capable of running many OS's over one
shared core).

Both of these products are very high-powered and
sophisticated.  Both products are designed with an eye to the future.
The Hypervisor itself can be used in SMP, AMP, Supervised-AMP and
cooperative multicore configurations, and can also be configured to
paravirtualize several Operating Systems and run them all (time-share
style) on a single core.  The MILS 2.0 product is designed specifically
to paravirtualize OS's and run them on a single shared-core with a high
degree of separation maintained by the MILS 2.0 separation kernel.

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