Jun 14, 2009 Mobile Handhelds

When will my Smartphone be as smart as a fifth grader?

By Emeka Nwafor

Mobile mania is upon us.

In recent days, we've been introduced to the awesome looking Palm Pre.
The Pre is Palm's attempt to share some of the spotlight with Apple's
innovative and popular iPhone. Apple has had a big role to play in
feeding the Mobile mania frenzy and it too was in the news this week. I
have to acknowledge that I count myself amongst the multitudes that
watched and waited in anticipation of The Big Announcement at this
week's Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference where the Apple iPhone 3.0 was introduced. Since its first release, I have always admired the iPhone and its cousin the iPod Touch. I see the
iPhone 3.0 at its pricepoint as being similar to a standing-up double
in baseball; a great hit that puts them in scoring position, but it
didn't bring the runner home. I was hoping for something different –
more on this later in this post…

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