Oct 28, 2010 Linux

Cambridge, Cows and CELF

By Paul Anderson


I'm currently in Cambridge, UK and having a great time at the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) Embedded Linux Conference. I enjoyed a great ride on the London Underground and then the train to Cambridge. It's always fun to watch the folks come and go at the various stops and countryside scroll by. It's fun to observe what happens on a typical day. In spite of a bit of rain, Cambridge is a vibrant town – many students, folks on bikes, nice places to eat, and interesting architecture and history. Thanks to some disciplined co-workers, I've gotten up each day at 6AM for a morning run along the River Cam. While running through the dark along the river, we suddenly encountered some large black and white lumps that we soon realized were cows resting in a pasture. They looked on with mild amusement as we ran through the pasture, wondering what might be chasing us. It's always fun to be in the city one minute, and in the country the next!

The CELF Embedded Linux Conference events were fantastic. It was a small conference of 260 attendees, but those who attended are among the best and brightest open source developers and leaders focused on embedded applications.

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