Feb 06, 2012 Books

The Future of the World ‘Wired’ Mind?

By Pete MacKay

Pet MacKay photo

I never thought neurophysiology could be made so interesting – or blended with philosophy for that matter – but this is what author Michael Chorost does in his book World Wide Mind.  Recently one of our Project Managers forwarded a link to an interesting PBS News Hour piece pondering “Will ‘Bionic Bodies’ Offer High-Tech Hope to the Disabled?”.  The clip covered the exoskeleton from Berkeley Bionics, coincidentally featuring John Fogelin, former CTO of Wind River and an original author of the VxWorks RTOS.  It also featured one of my personal heroes, Dean Kamen, as well as an interview with writer and cochlear implant recipient Chorost, who discussed his latest book, World Wide Mind.

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