Mar 28, 2012 Aerospace & Defense

What is the Real Impact of DO-178C and ED-12C?

By Joe Wlad

Joe Wlad

DO-178C and ED-12C are now released.  What does this mean for Wind River and its customers?

Now that RCTA DO-178 and its European equivalent, EUROCAE ED-12, have been updated after nearly twenty years, many are wondering, what is the impact to Wind River and our customers?  We’ve provided our customers with products and services based on DO-178B and ED-12B guidelines for over 10 years and have deployed certified VxWorks solutions on over 250 aircraft programs.  With the arrival of DO-178C and ED-12C it’s really business as usual for Wind River and we will incrementally adopt the standard in our future certification evidence offerings. Yes, the new release of DO-178 and ED-12 compel many to ask questions about how we comply, what our roadmap for approval is, and how we plan to support our customers now and in the future.

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