Feb 20, 2014 Linux

Scaling Deep Packet Inspection Intelligence in the Virtual Network

By Jeff Gowan

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How can you get Intrusion Detection that is many times faster than in-house or open source? What happens when you put it in the cloud? Join us Monday night, 2/24 at 6:45 in the Intel Security booth (#3203) at the RSA Conference 2014 to find out.

Steve Konish (of the Konish Academy) will discuss how the Content Inspection Engine in the Wind River Intelligent Network Platform can help run pattern matching at least 5 times faster than any other in-house or open-source equivalent library. We’ll also show how that solution can be deployed in a virtual environment, which can enable you to run live migrations in milli-seconds!

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn how to help increase data center security AND speed. To achieve the best core efficiency, and highest network security throughput, we leverage the Intel Communications Chipset 89xx series crypto accelerator card which transitions the server application to a software security data-plane in user-space. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform provides a software security data-plane with built-in support for Intel’s crypto acceleration solution.

Here’s the short story: Wind River’s Intelligent Network Platform can help make your network security appliances faster, smarter, and more secure. We invite you to stop by and see us at the Intel Security booth at RSA Conference 2014 next week to find out how. For more information and a free exhibit hall pass, visit http://www.windriver.com/events/rsa-conference-2014/.

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