Apr 08, 2014 Aerospace & Defense

Exploring NASA GO-SIM & Simics at Space Tech Expo

By Jeff Gowan

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How did a NASA program to successfully meet its goals to develop a complete simulator in a reduced timeframe and at a lower cost? Team up with Wind River! This was a topic explored at the recent Space Tech Expo.

Wind River’s Chad Margolin, Director of World Wide Field Application Engineers for Simics, presented “Simulation Based Software Development Techniques for Reducing Risk, Lowering Cost, and Improving Collaboration.” The session delved into some interesting discussions around the NASA IV&V program and how NASA used Wind River Simics in their GO-SIM high-fidelity simulator product. Ultimately, the NASA team was able to minimize target hardware dependencies and realize significant long-term cost savings. Since GO-SIM was developed with reuse in mind, Chad also discussed some of the ongoing benefits that Simics continues to provide. In case you missed the presentation at Space Tech Expo, you can watch it here.

You can also check out more details about Wind River’s work for GO-SIM here.

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