Jul 21, 2014 Internet of Things

Internet of Things giving you anxiety? VxWorks Industry Profiles can help

By Michael Weinstein


Dear valued manufacturer of embedded systems:

I invite you to join me for a quick free association exercise.

What are some of the things that come to your mind when you think about a next-generation device?

Faster, powerful, sophisticated, connected, secure… Internet of Things … Better user experience

Go on…


Hmmm…. Noticed how “faster” came up twice? Dig a bit deeper…

Clock speed, fast response, performance, lack of latency…

Good. What else comes to your mind regarding “faster”?

Opportunity, goals, competition, risk, bonus…

“Opportunity”, “goals”, “competition”, “risk”, “bonus”… Sounds like you feel pressured to move fast so as to not miss an opportunity in next-generation devices, but are concerned about risks involved…


Let’s take note of that… Now think about legacy stuff…

Installed base, hard to support, no data, large in numbers, good enough, still kicking…

What else comes to your mind?

Opportunity, goals, competition, risk, bonus…

You feel there is also an opportunity in legacy devices and feel the urge to realize it?


What I am hearing is that you are concerned about delivering differentiated next-generation devices faster and monetizing on legacy equipment.


Dear valued manufacturer of embedded systems, you are not alone. Everyone in the industry is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and looking for ways to ride its wave. Not everyone, however, knows how to get there or do so faster than the competition.

Whether you already have a clear IoT strategy or contemplating one, Wind River can help. Earlier this year, Wind River launched VxWorks 7, a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) reinvented for IoT. Its modular, scalable architecture, rock-solid determinism, proven reliability, and an unprecedented ecosystem of complementary third-party hardware and software technologies have helped customers, just like you, bring industry-leading IoT-ready devices to market faster, while reducing risks and development costs.

Last week Wind River introduced industry-specific profiles for VxWorks 7 that turn it into a purpose-built RTOS platform fine-tuned to the needs of your industry. Industrial, Medical, Networking, and Consumer profiles enrich VxWorks with a range of highly relevant capabilities (such as connectivity, security, manageability, advanced networking, and graphics) to help address new opportunities created by the IoT. With this comprehensive RTOS solution handy, you can focus on differentiation and getting to market faster with rock-solid, innovative, IoT-ready devices. Plus you can retrofit your installed base with secure connectivity required to unlock the value of data for your customers and create an additional revenue stream in product and services for your company.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate VxWorks with additional profiles that will offer you a competitive advantage as you build IoT-enabled products.

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