Jun 03, 2016 Networking

The Best NFV Infrastructure in the Business

By Jeff Gowan

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We at Wind River are honored to have won a 2016 Network Virtualization Industry award for Wind River Titanium Server CPE. Titanium Server CPE is a carrier grade Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure software solution designed to be deployed on a two-server system.

Titanium Server CPE won top honors for being the Best NFVI at the Carrier Network Virtualization Awards, which was an event held in Madrid, Spain to celebrate excellence in the telecom industry and recognize outstanding technologies developed for the NFV and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) industry in the last 12 months. The “NFVI of the Year” category honors companies who have made a significant impact in facilitating the development of NFV. Wind River was also recognized in 2014 with the Carrier Network Virtualization Award for NFV Innovation of the Year for Titanium Server.

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Titanium Server CPE is a carrier grade NFV infrastructure software solution designed to meet the stringent “always on” requirements of the telecom industry.  Wind River Titanium Server CPE speeds the deployment of early NFV use cases such as virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE). It helps service providers maximize CAPEX and OPEX savings via a new nimble two-server configuration with full carrier grade reliability. By leveraging the Titanium Server CPE platform, service providers can deploy cost-sensitive NFV applications such as a virtual business CPE (vBCPE) on only two servers. Each server runs the full set of carrier grade compute, control, and storage functions, while working to deliver best-in-class virtual network function performance to maximize the number of users supported per server and thereby also maximize OPEX savings. At the same time, Titanium Server CPE helps service providers to maintain full carrier grade uptime for their vBCPE services, which enables them to minimize any revenue impact resulting from SLA penalties triggered by service downtime.

To learn more about Titanium Server and Titanium Server CPE visit this page, take a look at this demo, and this blog. You may also want to check out this press release describing Titanium CPE in a vCPE reference design we built through collaboration with some of our Titanium Cloud partners.

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