Apr 27, 2023 Aerospace and Defense

The World of Aeronautic Certification Meets in Toulouse

By Olivier Charrier


The Certification Together International Conference (CTIC) is a high profile event dedicated to safety and certification topics for Aeronautical professionals in Europe. At this year's conference, taking place from May 10-12 in Toulouse, I will have the pleasure to present on multicore safety certification.

If you would like to determine the right architecture approach for your next certification project, join me in the software session on May 11th at 12:05 pm for my presentation "AMP OSes, Single SMP OS, or Hypervisor-based solution - how to choose in a Multi-core Safety Certification context?"

In this talk, I'll discuss the criteria to choose the most suitable operating system architecture for a particular use case.  This can be challenging in a multicore safety certification context, however, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach will help make informed decisions.

As a sponsor of the event, Wind River will also be exhibiting at the conference. Our team of experts can provide insights into the current trends regarding safety and certification. We’ll also be available to share the details of our latest news and developments around certification, such as:

Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform and VxWorks 653 Deliver Expanded Certification Evidence Support to Speed Next-Gen A&D Systems Development

Wind River Supports Airbus in its Certification Milestone for Automatic Air-to-Air Refueling (A3R).

Safety-Certifiable Multi-core Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform Available for Intel SoCs

I'm also looking forward to insightful discussions around the certification of systems based on artificial intelligence. Certification will be a crucial process in ensuring the safety and reliability of artificial intelligence (AI) based systems. As the interest of AI in aviation grows, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Union more widely, are working to define regulations and means of approval . It will be interesting to see the progress of the EASA’s AI trustworthiness framework and how to address the identified challenges associated with it.

If you’re also interested in these topics and would like to meet with us, reserve a meeting here and learn more about how Wind River can help you meet the certification requirements of your next project. If you're not attending CTIC, but would still like to talk, reach out using the same link. We’re looking forward to connecting for some great discussions.

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