Vulcan Returns to the Skies

By Paul Parkinson

I’ve been trying to keep track of aerospace news recently by using using various Google Alerts and subscribing to news feeds, but one story I nearly missed during the build up to the the Dubai Air Show the story ‘Vulcan bomber returns to the sky‘ (BBC News). This relates to a team of enthusiasts at Vulcan to the Sky Trust who have spent ten years restoring a Vulcan bomber (WingWeb) to flight, and have successfully flown it again.

XJ824 Vulcan B2AI have to admit that I am a bit of a fan of the Vulcan, probably because of its distinctive delta-wing design, which happened to be fortuitously stealthy and gave it an agile appearance.

(This picture is one of XJ824 Vulcan which I took at Duxford in 2005, not the XH558 Vulcan which is flying again).

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