Catching up at IDF 2011 – An Embedded Chat with Intel ECG

By Eddie Glenn

Glenn_lg In case you missed it, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was held last week in San Francisco.  The Simics team was busy at IDF with multiple Simics-related events being held.   At IDF, we handed out free memory sticks preinstalled with Simics, models of Intel devices, and a hands-on tutorial.  This is a great way to quickly learn about Simics first hand.  We had a few left over, so if you want one, email us ( and we’ll send one over, while supplies last.

?????At IDF I had the pleasure to sit down with Tian Tian, a Senior Technical Account Platform Architecture Engineer at Intel.  He’s part of the Data Center and Connected Systems Group focusing for the embedded market segment. Working with customers on almost a daily basis has given Tian some great insight into what their current issues and challenges are.

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