Simics 4.8 is Here

By Jakob Engblom

Engblom_lgSimics 4.8 is now generally available for old and new users to enjoy. I will be doing a series of blog posts going into the details on what is new and improved in this release. Simics 4.8 represents a significant improvement in the Simics user interface and collaboration features, as well as tweaks to the simulator performance, debugger, and modeling workflow, so there  is quite a bit to talk about. We start off with an overview of the news.

The most visible new functions in Simics 4.8 are found in the Eclipse user interface. We have added several new views and features to help users gain insight into their simulations, debug more efficiently, ease device modeling, and communicate within and between teams. We have also added some significant new performance technologies and more collaboration features to Simics checkpoints.

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