Wind River joins Car Connectivity Consortium

Wind River joins Car Connectivity Consortium

By Franz Walkembach

6a00d83451f5c369e2019aff79f6b3970b-piI’m pleased to share that Wind River is now a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving innovation for phone-centric car connectivity solutions. The CCC is dedicated to global cross-industry collaboration in developing the MirrorLink standard for smartphone in-vehicle connectivity.

Wind River prides itself on offering a variety of solutions used in the connected car environment. From our GENIVI compliant software platform for in-vehicle infotainment (Wind River Platform for Infotainment) to our embedded connectivity solutions including those for iOS, Android or other connected media solutions, our solutions and expertise in automotive is vast. As an Adopter member of the CCC, Wind River will have access to the MirrorLink specifications under development and the various MirrorLink work groups. Moreover, Wind River will be able to support future MirrorLink updates, and help drive research and development for the standard.

We’ll continue to advance Wind River IVI technologies with the latest versions of our flagship products such as Wind River Linux and VxWorks to further grow our portfolio of automotive offerings of highly connected and upgradeable multimedia head unit platforms, digital instrument clusters, connectivity modules, and other in-car infotainment products.

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