Feb 12, 2020 Linux

Continuously Delivering the Best Linux Solutions for Embedded Markets

By Glenn Seiler


Fifteen years ago Wind River became a commercial Linux provider for the embedded industry. At the time it was driven by one of our largest Telecom customers making a transition from proprietary RTOS to open source and Linux. The company saw Linux as a nice complement to our portfolio of real-time operating systems and development tools. But this was actually a huge step forward toward embracing open source and giving our customers the flexibility they needed to innovate.

Fast-forward to 2020...the use of Linux has expanded beyond the telecom industry to all of our embedded markets, including medical, aerospace and defense, industrial, and automotive. Wind River Linux is, and has long been, the leading commercial open source solution for embedded systems. A big milestone in our open source lineage was when Wind River became a founding member of the Yocto Project. We’ve contributed significant code, participated in and led a number of open source projects, and won several awards for delivering market-specific solutions, such as Carrier Grade Linux. And now, we are the first and only commercial Linux for the embedded industry with a continuous delivery (CD) offering.

The CD release will make available all the latest Yocto Project builds, tested and validated, every few weeks. This continuous delivery will give our customers the ability to integrate Wind River Linux solutions into their CI/CD processes. Many of our customers are moving to adopt DevOps approaches into their development process. This means having the ability to continuously integrate and continuously deliver releases to keep pace with advancements in technology. But what good is DevOps if your supply chain is not also working at the same cadence? With Wind River Linux CD, customers can get updated kernel, patches, and new features every few weeks. And our CD release provides all the same benefits of export compliance, security vulnerability monitoring, and defect resolution that our traditional annual Long Term Support (LTS) releases provide.  

In addition to our new CD version, we are also making available an enhanced security option to help protect against cyber threats. For many emerging market-grade use cases, such as Linux for military applications, having the option to harden the operating system to protect against the growing threat of cyber attacks is huge. Aerospace and Defense companies can now utilize the Wind River Star Lab Titanium option. And other, non-military, use cases can utilize our cyber subscription for Wind River Linux.

This is just the beginning of our continuous delivery of Linux solutions for the intelligent edge. We're excited to share what's on deck in the coming months. Contact us to learn more.

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