Feb 14, 2020 Virtualization

L’Amour – The Love for Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform is Off the Charts

By Michel Genard


Ahh… to be French during Valentine’s day.  What a wonderful time for love.  If only you could hear my thick French accent, this blog would be so much more fun to read.

Who doesn’t love to be loved?  Well, I love that our customers are loving Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform.  Even some of our competitors are crushing on our product, and we thank them for sending the love our way.

So what is all this commotion with Helix Platform about? From what our customers say, it has everything to do with having a virtualization platform that delivers the best of all worlds.  It is a platform that uses VxWorks, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Simics, all on the foundation of a type 1 hypervisor.  It enables application consolidation for embedded use cases that require mixed criticality and certifiability.  Imagine using the world’s leading real-time operating system alongside the industry’s number one commercial embedded Linux offering, while also allowing other guest operating systems to join in. Now wrap it with the ability to do hardware and system simulation of complex functions, and it becomes a very powerful software platform to build innovative applications for today and tomorrow.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are the top 10 things our customers love about Helix Platform:

The ability to run legacy applications alongside the new, enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the system without recertification

Helix Platform is developed to meet the highest safety levels of the key industry standards like DO-178C, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, backed by certification evidence and warranty

Helix Platform can be used to build a secure gateway for our autonomous vehicle design

Using VxWorks as a control application and leveraging Linux for other non-safety functions provides best-of-both worlds design flexibility

Security has been designed in, not bolted on as an afterthought

Enables safe and reliable industrial solutions for increased productivity, such as factory floor robots working together with people

It future-proofs and reduces total cost of ownership of a system’s lifetime but can easily accommodate future applications

Helix Platform supports ARM and Intel architectures

System simulations can test applications and enable state-of-the-art security protections without having the physical hardware

Helix Platform is fully supported by the world’s leading software provider for the Intelligent Edge

Find out if Helix Platform is right for you.

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