Mar 27, 2020 Linux

Agile Linux: Enabling DevOps with Continuously Delivered Embedded Linux

By Glenn Seiler


Implementing agile processes in embedded Linux development is key in supporting the intelligent edge. Engineers need solutions that support rapid development processes while still ensuring the safety, security, reliability, and certifiability needed for these embedded products. The latest Wind River Linux deployment offering includes everything teams need to create the products of tomorrow with a solution that allows you to get to market faster, improve long-term savings, and manage compliance.

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Agile Linux from Wind River – One of Three Options

Which Linux is right for you? Wind River Linux is distributed in three primary ways:

•        Validated community code: Ready to download, freely available on GitHub, with no commitment or paperwork to sign

•        Wind River Long-Term Support releases: Source code released with a predictable cadence and standard five-year product lifecycle (extendable with Wind River Professional Services), with regular maintenance releases and continuous security monitoring

•        Continuous Delivery (CD): DevOps ready with frequent releases

Benefits of More Agile Linux

•        Bug defects are quickly diagnosed and resolved

•        Continuous security monitoring is included

•        Compliance and export artifacts

Why Continuous Delivery?

Using and implementing Linux on a continuous delivery schedule allows your team to effectively implement more efficient CI/CD and DevOps processes.

More frequent software releases allow DevOps to identify and resolve issues more quickly and with regular feedback from the end users. A continuous delivery schedule is key in enabling the improvement of development processes with:

•        Greater flexibility and stability

•        Higher quality and efficiency

•        Faster access to the latest features

•        Tighter feedback loops

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Ready to Get Started with Agile Linux?

Using a platform that supports agile development in embedded systems is a key driver in enabling the intelligent edge. Choosing a commercially supported embedded Linuxsolution, like Wind River Linux, gives you the tools required to create safe, secure, reliable, and certifiable products. Offering Wind River Linux three ways gives your organization the flexibility it needs to create advanced products.

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