Mar 03, 2020 Dr. Design

Innovate with Wind River at the Intelligent Edge

By Gareth Noyes


The world is moving fast, and with it the pace of development and amount of software being produced. At Wind River we’ve been helping our customers build some of the most complex real-world systems for almost 40 years, and while we’ve been a software-focused company for all of that time, we’re undergoing our own Digital Transformation. To keep pace, we’re not only changing what we build, but how we build and share it.

I’m pleased to reveal another way we’d like to collaborate with you; Wind River Labs. Our engineering and technology teams are great innovators, and work on a portfolio of assets and technologies that are critical to enabling Intelligent Edge Systems. While we’ve embraced open community collaboration for decades, such as our active participation in Yoctoand StarlingX open source projects, or consortia such as FACE and OPAF, we haven’t had an easy way to collaborate on bleeding edge technologies, share ideas through code, or prototype full systems. Until now.

At Wind River Labs we’re looking to collaborate with you, the developer, by sharing software integrations, prototypes, proof of concepts, demos and tools that you can download and play with, geeking out to your heart’s content. We’d like to share ideas and concepts with you early and often, allowing you to try out advanced technologies or use them as a building block for your own innovation, while giving you insight into our ideas and capabilities.

We’ve already populated Wind River Labs with some projects that I think you’ll find useful, including:

·  A VxWorks Software Developer Kit (SDK) that allows you to build and run applications on VxWorks, either on your desktop through QEMU or on real target hardware. You can read about our intern Claudio’s experience with the SDK here

·  Interested in robotics and autonomous systems? Try our ROS2 (Robot Operating System) project for VxWorks, which is a re-architecture of the original ROS framework to include support for new use cases such as real-time systems

·  You’ve heard about machine learning but don’t know how to get started in embedded systems? How about trying TensorFlow for Wind River Linux

The world’s too complex for us to solve problems on our own, so we’d love you to join us on this journey of innovation and collaboration. Feel free to tell us what you like, and what you don’t. Keep coming back for more on Wind River Labs.

So, what are you going to build next?

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