Jun 26, 2020

Optimism Beyond COVID-19

By Gareth Noyes


COVID-19 has affected the inherent optimism of tech leaders. However, looking out a year from now, leaders in IoT, cloud, and embedded development in the U.S. and China will be in lockstep if we ask ourselves three simple questions.

A recent Wind River®study reveals that right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, optimism among technology leaders in China is at a staggering 86%; in the U.S., it is at a healthy 54%. Asked to project a year from now, technology leaders in the U.S. projected increased optimism by a robust 20%, hitting a total of 74%—that compared to percentages in the high 80s for their peers in China. For this study, we researched organizations in manufacturing, aerospace, medical, automotive, and telecommunications in the U.S. and China. Moving from today to that longer-term optimistic view in the U.S. will require leaders to step into a different set of roles, especially as COVID-19 has damaged approximately 90% of these organizations’ ability to deliver on customer needs.

We should be asking ourselves three simple questions regarding how we invest on that journey:

• What technologies and combinations of technologies (such as 5G, cloud native, and container development) should we be looking at to enable a more successful journey to the world of 2021?

• How do we encourage our DevOps, DevSecOps, and embedded teams to support the organization’s preparation for a second or third wave of COVID-19, so that they are not suffering further barriers to delivery? Technologies such as AI and automation-accelerated platforms for design and delivery through the native cloud may become more transparently powerful tools to protect the company going forward.

• How should organizations focus their resources in bringing these ideas into reality? One example is to run a simple exercise (possible even in the Zoom era) covering what teams should continue doing, stop doing, do differently, and do for the first time to allow the organization to overcome future threats to its ability to meet demand.

If we experience another wave (or waves) of COVID-19, the knowledge we have gained from facing and solving current challenges will be invaluable for those in embedded and IoT development and in IT leadership. Our research shows an elevated focus on the power of technologies such as 5G, illustrating that those organizations concentrating on successful transformation now believe that they will be the best prepared to face further challenges and changes in the future.

From mid to late April 2020, Wind River® researched beliefs, strategies, and forward projections among technology (embedded, IT, security, and cloud) leaders in five major industries (telecom, aviation, medical industries, automotive, and industrial manufacturing) in China and the USA. Further analysis, the report, and infographics are available at www.windriver.com/covid19-industry-impact/.

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