Jul 02, 2020 Simics

Improve Development, Operations, and Security in 20 Minutes or Less

By Jeff Gowan


Prior to March of this year, you may have attended any number of events, live and online, to help you stay up on current trends and technology. Perhaps you would go to the RSA conference to learn about security, or maybe Embedded World, Hannover Messe or any one of the many smaller regional events to learn about new development trends and ways to make operational improvements.

However, with COVID-19 travel cuts those venues are no longer an option. With that in mind it’s no surprise to hear that 55% of the companies surveyed by ON24, a popular web seminar platform provider, say they plan to increase the number of web seminars they do in 2020 compared to 2019. 60% of respondents typically did up to 50 web seminars per year while the remaining 40% did between 50 and 500! 2020 is becoming the year of the “websem” and while you may save time by not travelling, who has the time for so many web seminars?

With this in mind, Wind River is working to help you in your pursuit of knowledge while also being respectful of your time by producing on-demand, mini-web seminars that get right to the point. We have a few series queued up. The first one includes 3 mini-web seminars to help you learn what simulation can do for your Development, Operations, and Security.

Each web seminar is less than 20 minutes long and viewable on-demand. They are all designed to give you useful, actionable information that includes: Current events and use cases, best practice recommendations, and potential solutions to consider.

Here is the first set of webinars along with what you can expect to learn from each.


• Provide a 24/7 automated test lab for your entire team

• Increase test automation by 12,000%

• Achieve 30% faster testing

Digital Twin

• Model the right level of detail

• Safely test in a replica of your production system

• More easily achieve standards


• Avoid the next Mirai botnet attack

• Address OT&E mandates more efficiently

• Save $10-$15M in hardware testing

So, instead of incurring the expense and time-sink of travelling to an event, or spending hours searching and sitting through boring content, we invite you to spend 20 minutes with us learn something that can help you with your business today.

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