Aug 03, 2020 digital transformation

Protecting Against Disruptions During COVID-19 and Beyond

By Gareth Noyes


COVID-19 has caused severe supply chain disruptions in both China and the U.S. As technologists, how do we dampen the effect of any future pandemic waves? 5G and container-based development in particular can provide paths for moving forward.

A recent Wind River® study (and the infographic below left) shows that C-suite and technology leaders in IT and embedded/IoT in the U.S. have experienced 30% higher levels of disruption than their peers in China. Some of this may be because so much of the global supply chain has its core (or at least major elements) in China: The closer the supply chain, the easier it is to dampen the effect of a seismic event like COVID-19.

Corporations that see the pandemic as a signal to transform their processes via technology should be best positioned against future disruptions. Look at the infographic on the right to see how high the index is for increased technology investment for aerospace, medical, manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications industries. These organizations are significantly scaling up investments in six major areas, from 5G (index of 179) to IoT (index of 122) and digital transformation (index of 159). Note the increased focus on 5G and container-based development (index of 173) as key indicators of their paths forward.

Nobody can predict the future—yet planning for it is essential. Proactive corporations and their technology leaders are using the current lessons of COVID-19 to act now on 5G, the cloud, AI, and the need to accelerate their digital transformation investments.

From mid to late April 2020, Wind River® researched beliefs, strategies, and forward projections among technology (embedded, IT, security, and cloud) leaders in five major industries (telecom, aviation, medical industries, automotive, and industrial manufacturing) in China and the USA. Further analysis, the report, and infographics are available at

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