Aug 25, 2020 Telecom

Wind River Proud to Play Instrumental Role in World's First Successful End-to-End Virtualized 5G Data Session

By Kevin Dallas, Wind River President & CEO


It was a proud moment at Wind River when we received confirmation from Verizon that the first end-to-end fully virtualized 5G data session in the world had been successfully completed – knowing that our technology was a key part of the software infrastructure that made this 5G milestone possible. Wind River worked in close industry collaboration with Verizon, Samsung, and Intel on this breakthrough achievement that Verizon announced today.

5G will bring about the increasing need to put greater intelligence and compute to the edge of the network. Virtualizing this intelligent edge is key to making 5G a reality. To meet this challenge, Wind River created a solution to help virtualize the edge network by moving to a cloud native, container-based virtualized architecture with standardized interfaces that lead to greater flexibility, faster delivery of services, greater scalability, and improved cost efficiency.

The world is rapidly evolving with 5G. Communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide are expected to invest over $900B worldwide in 5G network infrastructure in the next five years according to GSMA. Adding to this, a recent Wind River study revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed over 70% of telco 5G projects onto a fast development and deployment track.

A key element of this inevitable move towards 5G by CSPs includes bringing virtualization to the edge of their networks, which is no easy task. It is not as simple as retrofitting virtualization infrastructure used in the data center. The network operator needs to deliver the key 5G requirements which include ultra-low latency, high availability, scalability, and security, in a cost-effective way, across a dynamic landscape with multiple remote nodes in order to enable new 5G services.

Wind River’s operator technologies deliver cloud native solutions that enable the high-scale deployment of 5G network infrastructure for major service providers worldwide. Our solutions provide a production-grade distributed Kubernetes for managing edge cloud infrastructure that is integrated with best-in-class vRAN applications. With single-pane-of-glass and zero-touch automated management of thousands of nodes, and the ability to orchestrate fully automated upgrades and deployments across a geo-distributed cloud, our solutions solve the problem of deploying and managing complex distributed networks. They also deliver valuable cloud network analytics which makes it possible to effectively manage and optimize a distributed cloud network by converting relevant data into meaningful insights for decision-making.

Wind River has decades of experience delivering solutions to the telco industry. As a leader in the early 5G landscape, our technology already powers the majority of 5G RAN deployments as well as more than 2 billion devices across multiple industries – many of which will ultimately be connected in a 5G world. For this latest program, Wind River provided its operator solution, which includes a combination of our award-winning cloud and analytics technologies.

Completing this call is the culmination of an enormous amount of work, collaboration and coordination that is worthy of celebration. Equally important and exciting though, is what it means for the industry. As “a rising tide lifts all boats,” Verizon’s virtualization efforts in proving and utilizing this technology helps to chart a course for the rest of the industry.

Much of our future will be run on a virtualized, distributed cloud. As it continues to be deployed in 5G vRAN, MEC, and a host of industrial edge applications it will be the technology that enables activities and benefits that have yet to be imagined. This technology sets the groundwork for a new world, and Wind River is excited to play a key role in making that world a reality.

Congratulations to the Verizon, Samsung, Intel, and Wind River teams on achieving this groundbreaking 5G milestone!

To learn more about Verizon’s milestone, read their news here.

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