Sep 04, 2020 Linux

Wind River Linux Binaries – Accelerate IoT/Edge application development with a high-performance Linux

By Narasimha Krishnakumar


Wind River is #1 in OS platforms for the intelligent edge. With the availability of Wind River Linux Binaries, we continue to expand upon our leadership with the introduction of binary distributions of our Yocto-Project based Linux distribution including the support of container based applications.

Customers can download binary and container images of Wind River Linux and focus immediately on building applications for Edge/IoT devices on popular hardware choices. Additionally, customers who want to use Wind River Linux off the shelf for deploying an OS to Edge/IoT devices can do so now.

With the images readily available for download, you do not need to build Wind River Linux from Source Code.  Application developers who prefer a small Linux footprint can start with a small image and add any package that they need for their application with the binary package feed. Alternately, application developers who prefer simplicity over size can use the full binary image and develop their application. The binaries and containers are available for download immediately at:

The software is provided on a non-commercial basis and is free for download and test.

I encourage you to download, kick the tires of the product and provide us your candid feedback (both good & bad!). You can email your feedback to

I look forward to hearing from you!

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