Oct 16, 2020

Wind River's Titanium Security Suite Honored with the 2020 IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award

By Mike Mehlberg

I'm excited to share that Wind River's Titanium Security Suite, our cybersecurity and technology protection products for securing intelligent systems, has been honored with the 2020 IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award by TMC and Crossfire Media.

Wind River has demonstrated the advancement of security technology with its Titanium Security Suite, comprised of Titanium Linux, Titanium Secure Hypervisor, and Titanium Secure Boot. The combination of these three products helps customers protect their systems from malicious actors while meeting stringent security requirements across all markets, including US aerospace and defense.

While most security architectures aim to keep the bad guy out, Titanium Security Suite properly hardens a system by configuring it to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the system using mandatory access control policies. In short, this prevents an attacker from gaining access to sensitive applications and data, even if the attacker has administrative access.

Further, a multilayered, secure by design approach to security for intelligent systems is extremely important. A single layer can never protect against all threats and can never patch all vulnerabilities. Multiple layers of security, also known as defense-in-depth, can cover far more threats and vulnerabilities. More so, if any single layer is defeated, the attacker still has to move through multiple other layers of defenses to achieve their objective. This is psychologically defeating for an attacker, who may never know when they are “done.” It also forces them to be knowledgeable of multiple types of vulnerabilities, attacks, and attack tools. It can help increase the time to defeat significantly, giving the developer more time to update the embedded system after a new vulnerability or attack is discovered.

And now in this AI-first world, we’re seeing the beginnings of AI being used to create unique and unknown zero-day attacks on devices at the intelligent edge. These threats will grow with time, and they will discover more efficient ways to attack systems or vulnerabilities that only humans could have previously discovered.

Wind River has been providing secure by design and safety-critical software for embedded intelligent systems for nearly four decades. The company acquired Star Lab in 2019 to broaden its portfolio with software for Linux cybersecurity and anti-tamper, virtualization, and cyber resiliency, and to advance its strategy for delivering security across the system, from boot to deployment and operations. Star Lab has been securing mission-critical embedded systems for over 15 years using secure virtualization and mandatory access control upgrades to maintain integrity and confidentiality of applications and data, so is a perfect complement to Wind River’s solutions. Star Lab’s products are helping Wind River customers meet not only their security, safety and feature requirements, but now also their anti-tamper and cybersecurity requirements on mission-critical systems. As Wind River looks to the future by helping customers digitally transform and deploy safe, secure, connected systems, Star Lab is applying performant, highly secure software countermeasures to these software environments at the intelligent edge.

We are honored to receive this industry recognition, as it showcases our commitment to building industry-leading security technology that helps our customers meet security requirements and protect their intelligent systems from exploitation. And we are also excited and proud to play such a critical role in securing the AI-first digital world.

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