Mar 31, 2021

Wind River Studio: The Platform for the Intelligent Systems World


By Kevin Dallas, Wind River President & CEO

Today, Wind River delivers another important step forward in enabling the platform for companies to succeed in an intelligent systems world with the latest Wind River Studio innovations. Introduced in January, Studio is the industry’s first cloud-native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems. Studio allows us to execute on our mission of “enabling our customers to solve the world’s hardest problems and realize the digital future of the planet with mission-critical intelligent systems where security, safety, and reliability are not optional.”

Intelligent systems will be the fuel that drive 70% of global GDP growth by 2030. Only 15% of major companies in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, defense, energy, medical technology, automotive and energy systems believed in March 2021 that they were already at an intelligent systems mature state. Bringing that power to devices on the intelligent edge is something 39% of these major corporations believe matters now. Five years from now that number goes to 59%.  It’s not just for the devices and applications they sell it is an identical focus for the devices they build for themselves.

These intelligent systems require a platform for the complete lifecycle as devices and systems become more complex where they learn, get re-tasked, increasingly do autonomous work, and infuse AI and machine learning into their daily activities. To this end, we are pleased to announce general availability of the latest round of Studio capabilities that gives companies the ability to build, deploy, operate, and service intelligent systems on the edge.

With these new Studio capabilities, we up-level the provided development tooling through delivery of a pre-integrated, cloud scale DevSecOps environment to build, deploy, test, and simulate devices and intelligent systems. Studio is accelerating product development cycles and reducing build times/development processes from hours to minutes – for example, using Studio technology, a build and test process that takes 12 hours can be reduced to an execution time of 16 minutes!

The latest Studio capabilities, enable the following through one single pane of glass and hosted in the users own public cloud instance for privacy / security / data ownership:

DevSecOps: Build any intelligent systems project faster at cloud scale with ML-driven dependency graph analysis to optimize builds

Security: Secure IP with backup of code and per user secured access, open source license compliance and security vulnerability checking

Mission-Criticality: Cloud-based development environment for VxWorks and Linux for building mission-critical intelligent systems

Collaboration: Collaborate across teams in a cloud-based environment with shared projects, container registries, code and artifact repositories


In addition, we are delivering the following Studio preview capabilities: digital twin, digital feedback loop, and AI-enabled libraries and middleware.

Congratulations to the Wind River team on this latest round of innovations and this important Wind River Studio milestone. We are excited to enable a new generation of mission-critical intelligent systems with our customers across aerospace & defense, industrial, automotive, medical, and telecom, and to trailblaze the path to this new intelligent systems world.

To inquire about a Studio demo, visit More information about Wind River Studio is available at

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