Apr 29, 2021

Wind River Partners with Blacks In Technology (BIT) as Exclusive Sponsor

By Kevin Dallas, Wind River President and CEO


Wind River is proud to announce our partnership with the Blacks In Technology (BIT), serving as the exclusive sponsor of its Seattle, WA chapter.

According to BIT, African Americans make up over 13% of the US population, and are one of the largest consumers of technology products and solutions. Yet, only 5% of technology professionals across the country are African American. In fact, Black professionals comprise only 3% of employees in the top 75 Silicon Valley tech companies compared to 24% of the total workforce. Further, in C-level positions and board rooms, less than 2% of leaders are Black, and even less are women of color. When we look at the statistics globally, these numbers dramatically decrease when considering diversity around the globe.

BIT is the largest global community of Black technologists with a goal and mission to “stomp the divide” between Black workers and the rest of the tech industry and to fundamentally influence and affect change. It aims and intends to level the playing field through training, education, networking, and mentorship with the support of allies, partners, sponsors, and members.

Wind River’s vision of an “AI-first world” that drives deep transformational economic and social change where mission-critical intelligent systems empower and protect organizations and societies will require diverse representation in technology in order to be realized. To drive this increased diverse representation, we are committed to investing in partnerships that seek to advance technology career opportunities for underrepresented communities.

BIT is an ideal partner for Wind River to continue building such connections and investment with Black professionals. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to spotlight Black excellence in the community and serve as a true partner to underrepresented groups in technology.

“We applaud Wind River for being deliberate in their outreach to the African-American community for talent acquisition.” Says Dennis Schultz, Executive Director of the Blacks In Technology Foundation. According to Dennis, “You can’t move the needle on diversity and inclusion by being passive, and Wind River’s leadership and vision is appreciated.”

This new BIT partnership, along with our Oakland Promise program which offers internship, mentorship, and graduate opportunities for underrepresented youth, enable us to help make access to technology more inclusive and equitable. It also allows us to further grow our diverse talent pipeline.

With our company culture that comprises attributes of customer focus, growth mindset, and diversity and inclusion (D&I), Wind River not only has a responsibility to our customers and employees, but equally to our communities. In addition to growing the business and making an industry impact, it is a company priority and personal commitment for myself and the Wind River Executive Leadership Team to drive positive change and make a social impact.

For more information on Wind River's commitment to D&I visit: https://www.windriver.com/company/careers/diversity

For more information on the Blacks In Technology Foundation visit: https://foundation.blacksintechnology.net/

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