Nov 08, 2021 Industry Partners

NXP and Wind River - A Longstanding Partnership with Incredible Results

By Mike Conroy


More than BSPs and SDKs, a synergy enabling mission-critical intelligent systems

If you've been in the embedded industry as long as we have, you've seen a lot of changes, proprietary solutions have made way for open-source, single cores have evolved to multicore, and development moved from annual releases to on demand. One thing that has not changed is some of the longstanding partnerships that make embedded systems work and work really well.

One partnership that goes way back is the one between Wind River and NXP. This partnership started over 30 years ago, long before NXP became NXP and back when there was a silicon vendor called Motorola Semiconductor. Along with IBM and Apple, Motorola was the creator of a hardware architecture called PowerPC.  Many mission-critical and safety-certified embedded systems found their start with VxWorks running on a PowerPC-based processor from Motorola. Looking at our list of NXP (Freescale) BSPs, you will see several PowerPC boards still being supported (Board Support Packages (BSPs) | Wind River).

In 2004, Motorola Semiconductor became Freescale Semiconductor, and a couple of years later, NXP spun out from Philips. These two companies then came together as NXP in 2015. And although still providing PowerPC solutions to the Aerospace and Defense market, NXP also serves Automotive, Industrial, and Networking Infrastructure markets with an extensive product portfolio using Arm architecture supported with Wind River operating systems.

Wind River Studio’s breakthrough in embedded software development at NXP Connects 2021

This week, we celebrate our partnership with NXP as a premium sponsor of NXP Connects | NXP Semiconductors. At this event, we are showcasing a breakthrough in embedded software development with Wind River Studio, a cloud-native approach to building mission-critical software that runs on NXP boards. Our tech talk presentation will feature a hands-on demonstration of how to use the Wind River Studio.  We will share with you the intuitive web-based interface to build an automated pipeline that can be used to code, scan, build, and test your software image.  We will also demonstrate how a developer can use Studio's target management system to reserve and test an SDK for the ARM Cortex-A72 NXP LX2160 board using simulation and emulation tools.

NXP Connects begins on November 9th in EMEA, November 10th in AMEC, and starts up again in APAC on November 16th. You can register for free here.

Be sure to catch our tech talks happening on Nov. 9 at 1pm CET/4am Pacific and Nov. 10 at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central. You can also learn more about Wind River Studio here.

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