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View from Above.

By Mike Deliman It's not every day you can watch your work in action. It's even less often that you get to watch your work watching your work in action. :) Mars' latest arrival takes picture of second oldest running vehicle on the planet. Click for a high-res image Considering it's a photo taken from orbit while in motion... isn't…

Software Componentization

By Maarten Koning Componentization is a seductive software development practice.  Simply put, software componentization is when you break your software system down into smaller easily identifiable pieces that have well-defined interfaces – and you do this in a specific way (i.e. by following a component model). The promise of software componentization is five-fold: Continue Reading ››

Tracking Down Floating Point Corruption

By Mike Deliman Recently a long-time customer of mine emailed me with a question. They were having anomalies when computing floating point values. Specifically, hardware would be read - values would be processed into a float, and that value was then used as a metric. Every now and then the metric would be off - it would jump by several…