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The Three Pillars of “Open” NFV Software

The Three Pillars of “Open” NFV Software

By Charlie Ashton In retrospect, 2014 was the year when the topic of “openness” became part of any conversation about solutions for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Throughout industry conferences as well as at meetings of the ETSI NFV Industry Standards Group (ISG), it was clear that service providers see the availability of open solutions as key to their NFV plans.…

Intuitive & Efficient Debug of Multi-core Systems

By Brian Finkel I reflect on a recent visit with my 84-year old Aunt Honey. As you might expect, she is not an avid cell phone user. She wanted help entering contacts into her phone. She has a basic phone so we had to enter text using the “9-up” keypad. Her objective is to make phone calls by selecting someone’s…